Cultured Interface


Little Head in the Land of the Big Heads
Little Head Poster
This animated short tells the tragic story of Little Head and his desperate desire to fit in. After a failed attempt to chemically alter his appearance, his transformation leads him to try to reveal to his peers how the Big Head society isn't what it seems.
Poison Life
Poison Life Poster
Poison Life is a new age, horror metal, musical ensemble. Using mysterious instruments to create a distinct macabre sound, Poison Life is guaranteed to scare your parents, neighbors, family pet and Satan himself. Blood on the Rainbow and Killer Bunnies are two pieces that have brought infamy to this controversial act.
ciDigital Art Gallery
Gallery Poster
Armed with StrataVision 3d, a Mac with less hard drive space than you have RAM in your computer, this gallery was painstakingly rendered to display the cutting edge PhotoShop 3.0 artwork and angst ridden poetry created by Don Lauer in the mid 90s. It also houses some sample works of Don's grandfather and mix-media artist, Jon Stark.
ciDigital Art Gallery